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Marc Pinto


Marc Pinto a highly talented Perth based entrepreneur heads up an international team of creative talent in his three collectives: PrimitiveJewellery.com, primitivetribalart.com and primitivetattoo.com.au. Marc Pinto is a rarity: a man who successfully divides his time between his disciplines.

Making his living giving bespoke tattoos in his primitive tattoo studio to discerning customers in Perth and Singapore. He also spends a considerable amount of time travelling internationally as the director of Primitive Tribal art, finding a unique selection of fine material from Oceania, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

Marc is also a highly creative jewellery designer - launching his latest collection of fine luxury bracelets and necklaces for his company Primitive Jewellery, with a mission to engage an audience with his fine handcrafted collections made with natural and natural silver and mineral beads, an earmark of an ancient cultural Indonesian craftsmanship.

Marc Pinto

The Collective

Marc Pinto


Primitive Jewellery designer Marc Pinto has an impeccable ability to combine raw materials, transforming the organic into modern; creating timeless treasures that are sculptural yet elegant. Moved by fine handmade craftsmanship, innovative design and the beauty that ensues from the marriage of the two, each piece that Marc designs is a work of art that has been thoughtfully created with these elements in mind.

Marc Pinto is a veteran in the international tattoo industry for over 26 years. He is a renowned international tattoo artist with more than 17 years of experience and accreditation’s in traditional hand (Tebori) Japanese tattooing, machine tattooing and pioneers professional piercing.

Primitive Tribal Art is a passionate catalyst in preserving history and culture. For more than a decade, we have dedicated ourselves in collecting authentic tribal art and sculptural artifacts from different tribes and tongue globally. While seeking to both acquire and sell arts from the past and present, our mission is to promote their significance and highlight their historical contribution. Our aim is to stimulate our clientele into a sense of assurance, pride and breakthrough discovery that will lead to greater cultural consciousness and discernment.

Where to find us


126 Barrack St , Perth 6000, West Australia

+ 61 411866227